Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eva van de Wijdeven wearing PEET DULLAERT at the Cannes Film Festival

 Eva van de Wijdeven wore a beautiful dress from PEET DULLAERT at the Borgman World Première at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend. She chose the Monarda dress from the Autumn-Winter 2013-14 ready to wear collection. Stunning!

United Nude opens two additional stores in London

United  Nude  is  excited  to  announce  the  opening  of  two  new  stores  in  London,  following  two  grand   store  openings  in  Tel  Aviv  and  Seoul  earlier  this  year.  A  United  Nude  pop-­up  store  on  Neal  Street   opened  at  the  end  of  April  and  a  United  Nude  Concept  store  on  London’s  prestigious  Regent  Street   will  open  in  the  middle  of  May.  Together  with  the  amazing  Flagship  Store  on  Floral  Street  in  Covent   Garden,  which  opened  in  summer  2011,  this  makes  a  total  of  three  United  Nude  stores  in  London.

United  Nude’s  Creative  Director  and  Founder  Rem  D  Koolhaas:  “I’m  delighted  about  the  fact  that   we  are  opening  new  stores  around  the  world  in  today’s  turbulent  environment.  The  pop-­up  shops   are  great  for  us:  the  process  for  opening  them  is  a  lot  faster  and  more  energetic  than  for  traditional   shops,  which  suits  our  style.  It  allows  us  to  test  new  locations  and  sometimes  a  pop-­up  turns  into   a  more  permanent  store  due  to  its  success.  I  also  think  that  pop-­ups  are  becoming  more  and  more   common  and  there  will  be  more  companies  that  will  open  them  as  we  do.

Monday, May 6, 2013

We're so proud of Jan!

The special Maxima 'The Birth of a Queen' edition of Vogue is in stores now!

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