Friday, January 23, 2009

Mix & Match

Ittala's philosophy is "against throwawayism"! The solution is a "Mix and Match"concept, where one can endlessly combine their already existing objects in a new and exciting way. Its about refreshing your day-to-day life and the believe in "lasting everyday design". So, Iittala was organizing last Tuesday a lunch for the dutch press, to show the possibilities of mix & matching- old with new designs from Iittala and other accessories. The stylist Marije Goekoop set 4 different tables themes: Graphic, Classic, White & Urban Jungle. Our colleague Froukje de Jong went to the prestige Dylan Hotel where the lunch took place, to welcome the press and the designer Ilkka Suppanen.




"Urban Jungle"

from left to right: Resdince's Lilian Polderman, GPD's Renske Schrieder, Iittala's Amarens van der Meulen, Elle Wonen's Annelies Kooijman

all guests

watching the Iittala presentation: Create!

from left to right: Georgette Koning, De Volkskrant's Milou van Rossum, Desgner Illka Suppanen, Iittala's Tuija Aalto- Setala, Glamour Living's Stella Willing & Living's Leonie Mooren

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