Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seeing without boundaries

On Tuesday June 16, 2009, was the Silhouette event. In order to help people, to find the perfect rimless glasses, Silhouette developed the "Rimless Aesthetic Program" in collaboration with the well-known make-up artist Mary Greenwell.
Through her tailor-made advices, Mary Greenwell shared all her secrets, to realize the perfect match between rimless glasses and a specific aspect or style.
During the event, journalists received their ideal Silhouette glasses and had the opportunity to discover the new Silhouette online tool the "Virtual Mirror". It is a website that offers the possibility to upload your own pictures and to try on any glasses to find out which of them is the best for you. So take out your glasses and embrace your beauty!

Make - up artist Mary Greenwell

Mary Greenwell sharing her make-up tips

Libelle's Liselotte Admiraal

Vrouw Magazine's Johanna Doberitz with her new rimless Silhouette glasses

Spice PR's Mijke De Jong with Avantgarde's Kim Querfurth and Sandra van Rentherghem from Silhouette

Libelle's Liselotte Admiraal & Spice PR's Mijke de Jong

Peggy Weijergang

Make up by Mary Greenwell

Silhouette beauty consultant explaining the "Virtual Mirror"

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