Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards 2009

On the 6th of November 2009, the third edition of the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards took place. After having held the first two editions in Amsterdam, Dutch Fashion Foundation (DFF) chose to host the oncoming edition in The Hague. The prenominations were proposed to the delegation of the international jury, including Wilbert Das, Diesel's creative director. Promising designer Iris van Herpen, who's known for her sculptural designs with intricate detailing, won the Dutch Fashion Media Award. The big price, the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Award, went to male designer Sjaak Hullekes, who won 25.000 euro. Congrats!

Iris van Herpen's presentation

Winner Iris van Herpen together with Spice PR's Davy Hezemans and Nana Murbandono

Big winner Sjaak Hullekes

One big happy family, Coebergh Communication & PR's Leroy Aznam and Maurice Seleky and Spice PR's Davy Hezemans and Nana Murbandono

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