Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank God it's Freitag!

Last Friday, October 30, Freitag took over 290 Square Meters for a night. The Swiss recycled freeway bag label moved into the special seperate space of the cool concept store, which makes 290 Square Meters the biggest Dutch selling point of Freitag now. Perfect excuse for a little party with the two founders, brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag. People were invited to check out the new space and were also introduced to BEN & LEO, the laptop bags, which are the newest Freitag designs. It was no common launch for Freitag, they threw in a truckers' theme and added some yummy hamburgers, beer, a country singer and an arm wrestling match with professionals to it. So besides mingling and thinking about which Freitag bag to buy, people also had the chance to show off their muscles. However most of them were too shy, but at least the brothers were brave enough to step up to the challenge and battled against the Mr. Strong Arm Wrestler #4. Respect!

Stylist Im Fong Liu and Freitag's Rahel Stรคnig

Freitag's Filippo Castagna, Styletoday's blogger Leroy Aznam, Freitag's Daniel Freitag and Coebergh Communicatie & PR's Maurice Seleky

The brand new Freitag space in 290 Square Meters

Meet BEN & LEO, the new laptop bags

Journalist Kirstin Hanssen and friend

DJ Aardvarck

Stylist Heleen Out and friends

Stylist Equiline van Doorn with friend

Ido, owner of 290 Square Meters (left) and Markus Freitag, thinking about whether he can take his arm wrestling opponent..

The Freitag brothers ready to rumble..

..or not?

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