Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Acne presented the MENSWEAR COLLECTION AUTUMN/WINTER 2011 on the 23rd of January in Paris

When I was in school I used to hang out a lot with a guy quite different from me, let's call him "Buddy". At the time it was all about music for me while "Buddy" came from an artistic background and had a very intellectual approach. There was something captivating about him. At the time I couldn't put my finger on it, I think it was his confidence that inspired me."

Jonny Johansson

For this collection we were looking for a fresh energy, thinking about that time in your youth when there are only possibilities. Although full of life-changing decisions, you are loaded with confidence, naive but certain you are going to make it happen. And you will. We felt like it was time to dress up, scrub up, like every day is an occasion to look your best. It is still a casual look, but somehow just a bit more polished and cleaner. When did you last see young boys in proper coats, a well-ironed shirt and neat trousers?

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