Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's play the Spice PR Quiz

Let's play the Spice PR Quiz and win tickets to the Monki Celebration March 2nd. Email your answers to

In which year were the very first jeans introduced and sold?

- 1874

- 1920

- 1891

When is an item vintage?

- Between 1940-1960

- Between 1920-1960

- Between 1950-1960

Who is the person behind the blog 'The Sartorialist'?

- Bryan Boy

- Scott Schuman

- Andy Torres

The showroom is also known as:

- Duo penotti

- The hyena's

- Showroom girls

With which designer was Davy spotted in Paris?

- Marc Jacobs

- Karl Lagerfeld

- Tom Ford

How many frames are hanging on the wall at the entrance of Spice PR?

- 16

- 25

- 12

What is the name of the new Martini girl?

- Krystl Pullens

- Jennifer Ewbank

- Caro Emerald

Which of our two clients did their internship at

Alexander McQueen?

- Iris van Herpen and Lhana Marlet

- Jan Taminiau and Bas Kosters

- Zoe Karssen and Ilja Visser

Who is the editor-in-chief of the Japanese Vogue?

- Anna dello Russo

- Aliona Doletskaya

- Daniela Falc√£o

In which year was Spice PR established?

- 2001

- 2002

- 1997

In the last edition of magazine Frontrow fashionistas were categorized. Name 3 fashionistas belonging to the category 'Birds of Paradise'.

- Judith Osborn, Anna Drijver and Leco van Zadelhoff

- Stacey Rookhuizen, Bas Kosters and Jean Paul Paula

- Hilmar Mulder, Bridget Maasland and Ans Markus

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