Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Post by Spice's Davy

This week once again made me realize how proud I am of our team of hardworking Spice-girls, who all have the ability to think out of the box, take that extra step and are approaching this business in a non-conceptual way.

Quite a week with lot’s of events! We celebrated Jeffery Wests’ 1st anniversary with a very personal and inspiring performance of Ellen ten Damme, the Back to the Future NIKE Mag auction took place at the Planetarium with all proceeds donated to the Michael J. Fox foundation, The Bas Kosters for Zeeman launch was one of the most fun events we’ve ever done, The Supperclub 20th Anniversary party was a true celebration of everything Supperclub is famous for: A cool mixture of people, great music, sexy performances and the nicest finger foods. The TASCHEN Amsterdam opening brought together fashion people, architects, artists, photographers, make up artists and celebrities for a super nice opening event, hosted by the highly inspirational Mr. Benedikt Taschen. The Acne SS12 women’s presentation London was AMAZING, The Avelon Sample sale…crowded… All this, next to the regular work filled with emails, brainstorm sessions, meetings and preparations for the upcoming National Glamour Breakfast, Claes Iversen show, Filippa K event and so much more….

All Spice girls did and do amazing job to make everything happen! Without Claire, Tedje, Candy, Julie, Froukje, Tessa, Willa, Hansje, Puck, Martina, Elisah and our lovely interns, Spice wouldn’t be Spice! And I have the privilege to guide them here and there…

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