Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vega Launch Bo Cinq

Dutch actress Sanne Vogel looking beautiful in studio JUX
Green fashion twins Abigail & Lavinia from Twin Couture were extra happy with a stylish veggie mag 

 Dutch writer Susan Smit in sparkly black
Green angel May looking pretty, serene and green 
 Karlijn Visser thought the Vega launch was so much cooler than the Dita von Teese party she attended later
studio JUX 
Nico Dijkshoorn droeg de avond op aan zijn varken Karel
 Vega stylist Xaviera Aubri 
Spice girl Tedje was handling the guestlist by iPhone (how advanced) 
 Sanoma girls looking pretty in black (and white)

 Art Rooijakkers came to support Vega
 Christiaan and Marielle from OAT shoes got the party started
 Elegant vegetarian Anna Drijver 
Eddy also came to support 
Victoria Koblenko, the fashionista with a green heart 
Dennis wanted to show us who's boss... 

Morris before his famous BNN appearance
 Charlie & Mary
MINT's Marieke Eyskoot styled up for Vega 
die hard Veganista Lisette Kreisher + boys 
moment supreme!
 proud ladies: editor in chief Debby Gerritsen & cover girl Renske de Greef 
 Debby Gerritsen and guest editor in chief: Leon Verdonschot
Renske & Debby 
 Green get-together
 Sanne explains
 Art reads
 Renske de Greef en Hanna Bervoets
Susan reads 

 Sanne tells Dutch TV about being glamorous and vegetarian 

 Vegetarians are pretty sexy these days!
 Happy girls
Thumbs up

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