Friday, November 25, 2011


On January 22nd & 23rd 2012 MINT takes place at the 32nd edition of the Dutch-based "fashion trade show," Modefabriek. MINT introduces a new standard in fashion: apparel made with respect for people, animals and the environment without compromising style, "fashion forward". The organization hopes to inspire Dutch fashion professionals in the fashion of the future: fashionable, fresh and progressive with authenticity, honesty and sustainability. Real fashion with credible ethics.

MINT has a dream. A vision for the future: great style, made with respect for people and its environment, or 'fashion forward'. The organization hopes to inspire the fashion industry to be happening and harm-less as well. MINT is an initiative of Marieke Eyskoot ,owner of  the ethical fashion company Talking Dress and Willa Stoutenbeek a.k.a. ‘W.Green’ owner of Spice PR’s green branch in collaboration with Modefabriek.

Mint at Modefabriek from modefabriek bv on Vimeo.

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