Monday, July 23, 2012

Collection Presentation || ILJA and Ready to Fish_

ILJA Skin\\Fonie FW 12/13
Ilja, the couture line of Ilja Visser brings every season a strong concept which express a blend of wearable evening dresses, extravagant show pieces and a distinct shoe design. All pieces are handmade in the studio from the Ilja Visser Group. This collection is based on beauty and movement. It gives you the impression of modern, expressionist dance with the influence of classic ballet. Both styles find their balance in symmetric, organic forms, underlined by a combination of voluminous skirts and dresses. This leads to an edgy but at the same time an innocent look. The use of hundreds of ribs makes the collection sculptural. Flowy silk, worked with unique prints, gives the collection sophisticated and super feminine feeling. Above that, all vale skintones are combined with crude stonecollor like concrete grey, and a various of black shades.
Ready to Fish_ InMotion SS13 
Ready to_Fish, the in 2007 founded prêt-a-porter line of Ilja Visser, consists a core collection of women’s wear, filled with interiorpieces and music. The Ready to Fish_InMotion SS13 collection is inspired on expressive dance; the desire to balans with emotion and non-verbal communication are being expressed by movement. Paradox combinations determine the image; so the earth-shades versus neon and vulnerability versus firmness stands central. Refined, elegance snits with female aspect is performed in a modern design, what the collection is giving its own character 
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