Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Iris van Herpen 'Hybrid Holisme' Haute Couture AW2012/13

 Copyright Michel Zoeter
This season, Iris' inspiration is yet another scientific experiment; this time her inspiration is drawn from a project lead by architect Philip Beesley called Holozolic Ground. His almost living sculptures and environments suggest that a future city could operate as a living being in which Holozolic Ground offers a vision for a new generation of responsive architecture. Beesley collaborates with people from many different disciplines including Rachel Armstrong an experimental chemist who works with 'living technology' such as Synthetic Biology – the engineering for living systems –Armstrong explores metabolic materials to connect human creations, like architecture, with natural systems. Her innovative work uses concepts such as “living buildings” and “self-repairing architecture”; architecture that is self- sustainable and reacts to its changing environment.

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